I made it to China what shall I eat? #Subway

I’ve completed day one in China YAY still alive! Landing in Beijing having had no sleep I felt it was necessary for me to go to bed. Having slept for a grand total of 3 hours my stomach decided it was time to look for food!

Having not remembered where other people were staying and the only clue being there’s a statue of a man outside the restraunt (FYI I never saw this statue of a man… Thinks she just mistaken a real man with a statue) I ventured out beyond the gates in hope that I would pluck up some courage to ask people for food in a restraunt of course… it never came so I wondered back to my room and said I’m not hungry, I’m not hungry. This plan also failed so I asked an organiser ‘When’s breakfast?’ In some strange sort of hope that they would say ‘now’ being 6 o’clock at night. Of course not this plan had therefore also failed. Running out of ideas I thought where would a lonely westerner be able to buy food and sit down without someone staring. The only logical answer that came into my head was SUBWAY!!!

Alright I admit it the first night in China I find myself in Subway for dinner. Possibly one of the most expensive Subways I’ve ever eaten putting it into context with other restraunts. The guy behind the counter was really nice though. (Note to self when you are unsure of the word you are saying don’t raise the pitch!)

Anyway I returned to my room and watched some random magic show on TV. Then all of a sudden I heard the door being knocked on. Who could this be? My roommate Becky arrived! Yay I had a friend again. And we went to the pub with her coach trip buddies, and literally everyone was there! So cool the bar people spoke English writing on the walls, it was noisy so couldn’t hear much.(FYI no I didn’t see a statue of a man outside of that one either).

All in all it was a good day same about the night time fingers crossed I get to sleep fiasco.

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