You know it’s cold when the Norwegian is complaining #changchun @loveTEFL

So a Polish, a Norwegian, an Irish and me got on the long train journey from Beijing to Changchun.

Then we got into a car who took us to our apartment… long story short, if there were 2 lanes our driver would make the third. Seriously I’ve driven better in GTA. With our Chinese escort with her head between her knees we made it to our apartment, where she magical cheered up and said we’re here!

There are a lot of stairs I don’t know which level we are on but it is the top floor of the apartment block with no lift. Luckily our GTA driver took my luggage up the stairs 😀

So Changchun, it’s dusty it needs a road sweeper but the people are ok. We’ve meet lots of great teachers here, Max, Kalib, Benji (apparently Ben means idiot) and Rob from the previous group. 

We had a demo lesson (turns out it was a job interview and the Norwegian got the job!) I went through the vocab on the sheet checked to make sure my adults understood they did I thought “that was easy…. now what” I had run out of things to do in my 10 min lesson in front of teachers :/

On the flip side of the coin I did a demo in front of 5 yr olds. I was told they would know Old MacDonald had a farm… Not a clue. I think I would have had better response from a stroppy teenager who would stay up all night playing Call of duty. O but they did sing Twinkle Twinkle little star back to me?

Overall maybe I need a lot more practice.

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