Little things which make you happy #lonely

So since people have left me in Changchun I have got lonely and this has made me sad. So I’m going out into the world of China and finding simple things that make me happy.

1. I got a ride home in a police car!!

2. Someone was elected to be my new housemate

3. Found out who it was and was mildly relieved when they told me there were some changes to her, so she’s not moving in.

4. Went shopping!!! Saw the biggest shoe department ever.

5. Got to a coffee shop to use internet and have some sort of contact with other people in English!!!

6. Young girl was sweet and talked to me for a English then asked me something in Chinese and ran off, came back with her dad who made her sit in the chair opposite me and then they walked off… random.

7. Told that the company based in Changchun has until Monday to give me a placement, or I move away from Changchun for free. So 1 way or another something positive will come out of Tuesday, although Changchun isn’t a bad city to be in it’s just the lack of people I know and can speak English or can mime.

8. Forgot because I was told I’d get a new housemate I cleaned the apartment, now they’re not coming I still live in a nice clean apartment 🙂 .

9. Had a nice free meal with Rice from TTC, who kept me company on my first night alone.

10. My old housemate has left a full bottle of body wash (quite expensive in China) a towel and some oats to make porridge with (I don’t like porridge but it’s the thought that counts).


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