1st lesson done @loveTEFL #thankgod

So I got called up this morning half anticipating moving back to Beijing or going to the office to talk about a placement… no.

‘Rachel middle school not that good English in hour Tina pick you up, be ready, 3 45 minute lessons.’

‘Errrrrm’ ‘AHHHHHH!!!!!!’

Yes they were expecting music and Powerpoint and video and everything. OK I have worked in a school before but they never hire someone 2 hours before the start of the first lesson!!!!

Anyway I turned up with chalk and a ball I found in my flat and play hot potato with them and basically blagged the whole way through… I survived even though 1 of the classes got shouted at by a teacher outside the class, and there was a mystery teacher at the back of the class wrapped up tightly in his coat repeating everything I said in Chinese, and picking the students who play the games… ie I had to play half an hour of the ladder game because he kept sending his students up.

Long story short I’m sitting in a coffee shop downloading ‘take me out’ video clips for lessons tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be sorted for the rest of the week.


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