Welcome to… I don’t remember where I live…

OK I’ve moved south somewhere near Hong Kong ish. apparently somewhere near Guangdong.

First impressions:

O dear god what have I done!!! – or something like that.

It was a long 9 and a half hour journey ok, we got shown a little corner shop so we could buy dinner.. by which diner was EXACTLY the same as what I had for lunch… yum lovely pot noodle thing second time today.

Then 2 large suitcases, 2 large rucksacks and 2 other bags, plus Ben, Little Chinese lady (and her bag), and myself had to fit into the back of a Tuktuk. You know those small motorbike things with a little carriage. In the pitch black & all I could see around me were big lorries

Turn up at a gated housing estate (posh, I know) and got lost in it. Whilst still holding onto my suitcase which didn’t actually fit into the tuktuk we were weaving around this little Disney world looking estate for a wee while.

Finally turned up at the new place it looks alright rushed through the itinerary then ate and slept.

The next day, we walked outside and waited for the taxi only to find that it wasn’t allowed through our gates. I got a phone call telling me to walk out of the gate to meet the taxi. Only one problem, WHERE ARE THE GATES!? Apparently all we had to do was turn right. I don’t understand how we got so lost last night. Anyway got out the gates and there was our taxi driving the wrong way down the road on the pavement waving his arms at us. We got in and for our 1/4 of an hour trip we had to pay 40 yuan! Could not believe it when he said that. OMG the taxis here are rare and expensive. (The car taxi as later we found out)

So I got shown around the primary school I’m about to teach in it’s nice not many of them spoke any English at all, most were female as one may expect in a primary school, and there were a lot of children.

Got given a uniform NEVER did I EVER think I would be a size XXL!!!!!!! And it’s got a white T-shirt and Oh My God, bright luminous  orange Jacket.

Got stared at by a lot of people.

We missed the last bus back home (FYI bus in Beijing/Changchun 1Y bus here 2Y… not happy I have to catch 2 buses to get to work). Anyway we got told to trust the taxi drivers wearing blue or orange jackets. So Ben & I approached one and he very happily showed us to his motorbike… erm not sure I really want to get on that. I have never been on a motorbike in my life & they don’t provide helmets. Anyway only choice to get home (it was only half 7) faced with possible doom, either way so I got on the motorbike. OK I thought the Tuktuk was bad motorcycles are worse. Note to self: fork out for a taxi from either the supermarket or train station (apparently the only places where taxis are) have your fingers crossed that you’re insurance will cover you, get lost wondering the streets of wherever I am and hope to find home, or don’t stay out later then 6 o’clock.

At the moment there is no place like other places which aren’t here. 

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