Clubbing in China

Ok first time i’ve been in a night club in China. There are definitely differences…

1. Men dressed in police uniform are there & no ladies they aren’t strippers they are real policemen. Which does make you feel safe. 2. You are garrentied a table.
2.5. There is no queue at the bar. There is no bar. Your table is the bar. In order to have a table you need to order drinks from that table.
3. Being a ‘westerner’ the bar staff do follow you. So that you “understand” their system & help you to order your tables round of drinks.
4. No men try to touch in very unnecessary areas. Your table is your barrier and theres no dancefloor just stages so the policeman can see the wierdos & throw them out or whatever they do with them.
5. Don’t worry you will definitly have all eyes on you, more without the make-up and the fake tan. It’s all about the white glow in Chinaland.
6. Don’t wear fancy dress. You will definitly feel very much like the only person who turned up. Eyes are on you anyway turning up in fancy dress would just be embrassing.
7. Instead of just touching you up men definitly say hello and want to do cheers with drinks.
8. No need to bring your camera the chinese will very happily take photos of you. Possibly to brag to their mates on weibo & wechat that they met you and talked to you & your possible their new fantasy partner. Anyway your photos will be online (may not be very flattering). Also another reason for not wearing fance dress.
9. Cost effective. Ok i know i mentioned that the bar staff followed us and made us order and stuff but.. The entrance was free & the round of drinks was £10 for 10 drinks. Chinas beer is really cheap btw.

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