How do you teach 2 yr olds english? #hats @loveTEFL

So last week I came up with as many games to do with the word ‘Hello’ not many really, a little race game, which team can get their colour letters together first, which team can get the word hello from one side of the room to another the quickest. Most of these games failed as the children didn’t want the letters or decided they would like a different letter or wanted to give it to me because they were bored, or yeah. First week wasn’t too good, on the positive side they are aceing the word Hello and they are getting familiar with the song ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.

So this week I decided to put a theme to it, St Patrick’s Day, no I’m not Irish but it was a reasonable theme to go of. The aim of the lesson was to say ‘What is your name? My name is_____’

Reasonable aim I thought. So the lesson started said Hello, and how are you? Sung if your happy and you know it. Then introduced my plan of action.

We will make hats! These are 4 leaf clovers they are considered to be lucky. (Yes I cut out about 35 green card 4 leaf clovers during my 2 hour lunch break it wasn’t fun.) You are going to write your name on your clover and on the otherside you can draw a smiley face. Simple instructions for 2 year olds, I did also show them on my very own 4 leaf clover. Simple so they got pens and crayons to write on their clover. Then I gave them a long strip of paper (Another thing that I found myself cutting out through my morning before lessons) and then they got to stick the clover to the strip of paper. Then put the strip of paper around their heads, and clip it there using a bulldog clip. I did have glue and double sided  tape, but most of the assistants decided to leave the clip on the strip of paper, so now I don’t have many clips left.

And that took a lot longer then I had expected, no what is your name? No my name is_____. It also didn’t help the fact that the assistants wrote the children’s names in Chinese characters… HOW WOULD I UNDERSTAND THAT!!!???

Ok so the lesson didn’t actually complete the aim… opps. But I did avoid the whole sticker fiasco that happened in the previous week. It was terrible the children were crying because they couldn’t say the word please. This week slight improvement, we got ‘plea’ then with a bit of encouragement got ‘ssss’ not quite in one whole word but close enough.

I still have one child crying in fear of me but that was better then the week before.

And I still have a handful of clovers left and hats, yay!!! 

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