Anyway went to the doctors in China… never going there again #blister #ouch

OK the story of my ankle continued….

Went to the doctors to find out why my bite was so painful and my blister is so big. Long and short of it didn’t really get an answer.

Step one go into the consultation room. The doctor sort of looked at it as though I was lying about being bitten by an insect, and agreed that it was big. Told me I needed to roll up my trouser legs and buy big slipper shoes… (‘cos you know your foot is bigger now’)

Step two pay money to get blister popped cleaned and medication.

Step three.. wish I ran. To the surgery room. The smell was bad on the bed there was dried blood and some scary looking scissors, and my translator had turned the other way looking as though she was about to throw up. The actual popping of the blister was just like at home I think. Just the smell of the room and the pain from my ankle made me feel faint. Thought I needed a lie down… not on that bed I wasn’t.

Step 4 go back to school – And got laughed at because I have white legs… not that the rest of me is white as well.

Here is my medication


I don’t have a clue what I’m sticking in my body. All I know is that it comes in a little paper bag and the pills I need to take are wrapped in little pieces of paper. These pills tastes the same as that doctor’s surgery smelt… it’s horrible.

Anyway being told to go back if my blister comes back… it has come back but not as big, I think it’s fine not to go back.

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