So it was #stgeorge’s day #Swords are #awesome @lovetefl

So it was St George’s Day so al my lessons this week had St George’s theme. As well as telling them the story of George and the Dragon I did the following:

Grade 1 (topic: Food)

If you liked the same food as the dragon you wouldn’t get eaten.

Grade 2 (topic: Numbers)

OK their teacher just wanted me to go through the book, but if they had time they could count the number of sheep that were eaten.

Grade 3 (Prepositions and Clothes – god knows why they put the topics together)

For Easter I did where is the sweet, and then they would win the sweet, what could beat that? 

So they had to describe the dragon, earlier topic and then say where the item of clothing was in relation to the dragon (or dragons)

Daycare kids

Made a lot of swords. Was visited by the government, taught children how to fight monsters using the swords. So their parents wouldn’t find out they gave the swords back… yeah my little fighters. Two year olds have a lot of aggression inside of them. The monsters hadn’t got a chance.


Return to Grade 1

OK one class missed out on getting eaten that week. So tried to get them to catch up this week… however being left alone in the class, the last lesson before the May bank holiday there is not much of a chance to get all 45 6-7 year olds to sit down and be quiet whilst speaking in a language that they don’t understand. I managed to get them through the story, and then tried to do the rest of the activities, and gave out 4 swords to the quietest well behaved students in the class… The only ones paying attention.


And my co teachers learnt what the England flag is. (They thought the England Flag, is the Union Jack)

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