Random day out to #Jiangmen #china @lovetefl

I got bored of Xiaolan, so last Friday me and Mei went of to somewhere random…. Jiangmen.

After a 5 minute look at it on Google and trip advisor it seemed alright not to far away, so off we trot.

So we looked outside the station and the whole place seemed to be deserted (or not built yet) and because it was a very quick look on google we didn’t really note down the buses or the places… opps.

OK so we (I say we Mei knows more Chinese) Mei asked shop keepers, asking for how to get to Mt Guifeng. It was two buses away, and no guarantee in being able to climb it, and we couldn’t remember the stops. We managed to catch the bus to the centre, and met nice people who told us exactly where to get off in order to see the mountain and national forest park. (They were arguing amongst themselves as to where we should get off).

You couldn’t miss it….


We climbed the mountain, a bit…. OK it was far too hot that day to climb a whole mountain.

And we had to play avoid the furry caterpillar….


They were in the air they were on the path, we literally followed other people up in order to avoid them.

We saw this….


We then were about to give up and go back when we came across this…


Then I bought this…


Then we wanted to see the lake…


The lake had boats…


and ducks..


and not forgetting the all important fish, I say all important I asked why people didn’t fish the fish, and I pretty much got the impression that I had insulted the special fish… so kill the ducks and feed the fish… fair enough.


I just thought this was sweet graffiti in amongst all the Chinese gibberish ( probably something like lol I woz here on this date)


It seems that there aren’t many foreigners that visit Jiangmen… (I got a lot more stares then usual) here’s two of them…


Anyway having been stared at for most of the day, we got back to the station and found out that we needed to wait an hour for the next train, so we thought of the only thing possible… go outside and play hopscotch on the paving tiles, whilst the sun set behind the station.

It was a good fairly cheap day out, but we have decided not to come again. 

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