#isitok to get time of work because your admirer will turn up?

Ok so every Sunday me and some other teachers go to a park and play and sing English songs with kids, it’s an open event anyone can turn up.

For the last 2 weeks the same guy has turned up, he looks like he’s in his 30’s with a crooked yellow tooth, quite round, fairly good English.

Week 1

20 kids and counting to myself to try and get conversations out of them, and talk about random stuff, and come up with some random games… does not help when the same game has been going on for 15 mins, with this new admirer trying to chat me up in one ear and a teacher reminding you that their kids are bored, and random people wanting to take photos of you. I gave up I needed time to myself so I thought sod it I’ll go for a good walk in the park, o and the kids can come too. Sorted we talked about fish, about the environment, how hot it was, how smelly the waterfall was and ran up stairs so the adults couldn’t follow us…. goodbye new admirer.

Week 2

Couldn’t get away this week 😦 . 40 kids but everyone was working together this week. My new admirer came up to me, (guys in China don’t take their top of, they roll it up to their arm pits so only the belly shows) one of his nipples was showing. I smiled shook his hand (threw up in my mouth). Then he persisted to make random comments both in English and Chinese to the children, about how beautiful my bottom was in comparison to my colleagues (to be fair they are boys and I’m pretty sure my admirer is heterosexual). I turned to the Chinese co-teacher who has heard everything and understood everything been said and she was cringing at what this guy was saying. Then it was time for a group photo, mainly for the school and the parents because foreign people are cool. The guy got in the photo! Snuggling up right next to me, no matter how far away I tried to be he was there.

Anyway now everyone knows about my new ‘friend’, and laughs at me.

Do you think they may agree with me that it’s a good idea for me to not turn up for the next few weeks?

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