#shoes #boyfriend what else happrned in #xian

Ok my friends are off om their continued adventure. i just fancied staying in one place for a break before Beijing.

So this is what i did today:
Got up at 10 and had a shower. Followed by askung myself if one of my roomates is a boy or girl.
Travelled on the subway after going between the 2 lines about 100 times because i kept forgetting which line i was on and which line i needed to be on. Found a shopping mall instead of an exit and bought shoes. i did need them! Saw the line to the wuguen thought nah.
Saw the big wild goose pagode and the cool arts and craft market beside it. And the scary statues in a nice park.
Saw a costa coffee behind the pagode and a camera crew shooting a drama or some sort.
Got lost after leaving the pagode. Found another department store really boring. Still lost i walked along a road acting as though i wasn’t lost.
Got asked if i’d have a photo with some guy who might have experiencd love at first sight. I did not feel the same way but hey ho.
Anyway i followed them for a bit, got a fanta, found them fairly amusing in there failing attempt to get me to understand anything. Caught a taxi to south gate with them. Then watched as they struggled to use my phone as a translater. (sending messages to the credit number doesn’t translate it.
Anyway i got bing translate on my phone. Some where along the line one of them wanted to kiss me. After telling them i wasn’t interested because they smoked and spat our love had dissolved and sadly they are not coming to beijing with me 😦 o well. Onwards and upwards.

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