To #Beijing for the last time.

Beijing really doesn’t seem that big anymore.. and my 13 hour journey on a DOUBLE DECKER SLEEPER TRAIN didn’t seem that long.

Alone for the past 2 days more good random little things happened.
1. i didn’t get away from the my boyfriend in xian some how he and his mate did get my number?! (seriously how do guys get my number so easierly??) Anyway turns out they both like me to be their bride and they both want to live in the Uk. The first question that one of them asked was ‘can i have a kiss?’ Obviously being a foot shorter then me and not actually knowing anything about him and being on the other side if a phone i said no….
WHY DID HE THEN ASK IF I WOULD MAKE LOVE TO HIM!!!!??? I’m pretty sure that after a kiss rejection the next thing on a guys mind would not be ‘I wonder if she’d sleep with me instead….’ WHAT!?
Anyway after a slighly longer discussion i foind out that they are both hair dressers… Dam it my hair needs a cut. And by this point i had already left xian. 😦 O yes and i got followed by another random guy who spoilt
my trip to the park by showing photos of me that he took as i casually strolled around and acted like a celebritey running away from the pappazzi.

When i left the hostel i caught a tuktuk to the station.. i was convinced that the tuktuk took me the wrong way. Nope just me.

Waiting for the train i came across a guy who could speak english fairly well. He told me that the Chinese thought he was weird because he was able to talk to the foreign person… I thanked him for attracting the majority of the stares at the train station.

Anyway i caught a double decker train!!!
I sat down in my seat and looked up. There were 2 very happy boys sitting opposite me. I thought o god not again…
Turns out they just graduated from a computer electronics type degree… i just graduated from an art and technology type degree so we exchanged knowledge of mobile phones… it was the most exciting conversation ever.. and we shared our love of oreos. (still don’t like strawberry filling fyi). Noticed something got caught in my suitcase and it has dislodged my wheel. 😦
So my new chinese pals helped me move my suitcase around the station and into a taxi.

The taxi driver and i were singing (i was mummberling because it was chinese and i didn’t know the words) and used team work in order to find the hostel. I did still have to pay him the full amount but he did carry my case over to reception… very rare for taxi drivers to do that you’re generally lucky if he drops you off at the end of the mud track and help you get your bags out.

Overall everythings going alright. I have been reunited with friends!! And i have 2 days to figure out a solution to my suitcase wheel. Yay!!

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