Visiting Miyajima Island #Japan #deersthatbite #massivespoons

On Saturday we visited the wonderful Miyajima Island, with it’s wonderful deers, oysters marvellous shines and temples.


How sweet, innocent and small they are and they’ve had their antlers taken off. Looks can be deceiving, they will steal food and bite. I lie most of them really are friendly.


Best souvenir ever!!! They have loads of spoons everywhere can’t remember the significance of it but finding the biggest one to give to your fokes at home will certainly go down well.


The cakes I can’t remember the name of but they taste really good. The cakes are maple leaf shaped with either chocolate, custard or red bean flavouring inside, and only on the island can you get this cake fried.

P1020373 P1020371

The Itsukushima Shrine. You had to wash your hands by using ladle like spoons, it was freezing!

P1020379 P1020382

Because the tide was out we could go up to it and touch it, it was really cool.

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