Merry Christmas!!! the #dinner, the #poor, the #lonely and the #downtoearth….ish

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


The tree was up the lights were on and El was singing, that’s right it’s CHRISTMAS!

To start off our day we made pancakes for breakfast, they were tasty 🙂

Then despite my last cooking disaster we had managed to cook a good Christmas diner. OK the chicken was pre-cooked and had southern fried seasoning all over it. We had roasted potatoes, carrots, broccoli, stuffing mixture, gravy and cranberry sauce to go with it. And of course we had wine.

We decided to go out to a few bars that evening. Our night started with good intentions but there was one problem, the first bar we wanted to go to was closing… Ah. We didn’t really plan for anything after that :/

The poor

Wandering around the streets heading to where the main nightlife stuff is a Japanese guy started to talk to us. Not knowing where to go we asked him where to go. He found his band of merry men and they decided that the cheapest and therefore the best option was to go to the shop and buy alcohol then go round his for a party. Back in my student days that was the best option but I’m not a student we had a drink before we left and the plan was to stay out.

The lonely

After ditching the guy and his merry men we continued towards the nightlife area. Not far into getting into the area we were approached by some Japanese guys in suits. They invited us for a drink. El jumped on the chance and said YES, I however pulled the face of utter disgust, when I pull that face there ain’t no hiding it. There is no language barrier when it comes to body language, they saw my face of disgust and they nearly ran for the hills. But then I agreed to go with them for a drink.

We went in to a very dark, posh fancy bar, with French written everywhere. And we were given the wine menu to choose from. We picked one of the cheapest there was. Then the assortment of bar food arrived, cheese puffs, nuts, a cheese board and a pot of sweets and chocolate.

The conversation was following between El’s pigeon you are foreign therefore i’ll do a lot of hand jestures and say keywords and leave gaps where the sentence would be. And the Japanese were nodding and going ‘uh yes’. I was busy watching El’s weird charades performance and guessing what she was talking about. Well that’s one Christmas family game down. We found out they are banker’s *cough*. And they did reveal their true intention that they were lonely and they move a lot because of their jobs and they’ve had to leave their families behind. That’s sad but I’m not going to sleep with you because you are lonely and you bought me wine and treats. Face of utter disgust comes back they got the hint and said our goodbyes.

The down to earth… ish

We carried on down the street and came to a place we recognised. So we decided to pop in. The bartender said he recognised me. Which most of the time you may see it as a bad thing but then how many other tall blond females have wandered into a Japanese western type bar? So we started talking to the people at the bar, they were friendly. We played Jenga and discussed the globe on the bar. Not going to lie I rule at Jenga destruction.

End of the night we had made some good friends and some odd ones too.

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!!!

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