Happy New Year!!! #forgotcamera #owell

On new years day I went to the Gokoku shrine based by Hiroshima castle.

As people were tired and hangover I decided to adventure over there by myself. When I got there I saw a queue, as I love queues so much I decided to join it. I hoped that it wasn’t for one of the many little food or toy stalls along the way.

After being used as a landmark/ crossing point for the people there. I found myself in the middle of a massive crowd inside the Shrine. Still queuing I watched in front of me as the crowd ahead walked up some stairs and stopped in front of what looked to be a very large stall. I panicked I don’t know much Japanese, and I was stuck in this large crowd of people besides I had queued for about 15 mins running now would just look weird.

When I got up the stairs I looked, it wasn’t a stall at all it was the shrine where you give your donations and say your prayers. Still panicked because I didn’t know what to do I don’t really want to look like the stupid foreign person.

So I copied everyone else:

Step 1 get to the front.

Step 2 throw donation into shrine. I picked the 5 yen because it’s supposed to be lucky because of it’s hole.

Step 3 bow twice

Step 4 clap twice

Step 5 pray

Step 6 bow

Step 7 leave

ACED it, whoop whoop!!

Then I realised I didn’t have my camera.

I looked around the stalls in the shrine. You could give a donation to tie a good luck piece of paper to the wood, didn’t understand those so I left it to the Japanese to get there good luck for this year.

I saw arrows again didn’t really understand the significance of the arrows so I left them. Wooden tags which you write your message on. Didn’t understand that either. So fan thing with a happy man on didn’t understand the significance of that either. Note to self should really do more research, I feel mean saying these things but I don’t actually know what they are.

But I did get something:


Here’s a picture of me and a sheep, because it is the year of the sheep.

Happy New Year everybody!

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