Who to sit next to on the #shinkansen?

I was silly I got a reserved seat so I don’t get to choose who to sit next to. How my seat is next to someone for the last 3 hours of my 4 hour journey hasn’t turned up yet you may think lucky but I’m on an aisle seat next to the window seat and the guard does come down and check if you’re in the right seats high means no switching to the window seat.

So here are the options:

Next to the family… Sat next to a family once on a flight to Florida… None stop kids wanting to get out parents wanting to get out and in and finally they decided to not ask me to move for them and wiggle the bum in front of my face in order to get by… Hmm we shall continue to avoid the family of 3 loud proud monster boys.

Which child would you sit next to? Sounds quite odd saying that but I did have to sit next to a child once on a train to Plymouth. This child in particular was reading an Agartha Christie novel sit here were no problems sitting next to them with the rest of the family on the 2 seats across the aisle.

The business man: in Britain would be on my avoid list mainly for their use of head sets and mobile phones. In Japan however it’s considered an absolute no no to talk on the phone most business people seem to sleep on the Shinkansen that’s fine on the street car it is not fine. So I guess it depends on where the business people are. Normally just want to get from a to b in as quick a time as possible.

The tourists: ok most of the tourists I’ve come across on the trains in Japan are families. Who bring a lot of luggage… And there’s normally a leader who knows best Nd looks at the map once and goes ‘ah ha I know the way’. Then you see them on the platform again consulting the map with the rest of the family hanging round the suitcases waiting for their next step. In Britain you only get that in London otherwise they’ll just ask you on the train.

The old people. They are slow but friendly and you don’t mind waiting for them but the person behind you can’t wait for you to move the. They realize there is an old person in front of them then they slow down and wait for them.

The old person who can speak English: hmm some are nice and offer you fruit or sweets others are quite racist. One instance man asked me about my job how much I was being paid and why his friend in the Philippines couldn’t get a job teaching English. Despite me saying that my company only employees foreign people with English as their native language otherwise they would just employ a Japanese person to teach English instead.  As it would kind of make sense. ( Although there are companies out there who do employ people with English not as there native language)

The people who have turned the seats round: well that’s just dammed right awkward… You feel like the party crasher even if you’re booked seat is in the middle of them.

The people like me: People who are only going a to b for a bit of leisure and happily chill out a long the way. Yep they’re annoying too taking over the plug sockets pretending they know the way but they really don’t (or at least not always) yeah they’re alright too.

Anyway now I come to the end of my journey my neighbor has not claimed their seat which is annoying but fine cos I still had a little extra space to relax in. The empty seat is possibly the best to sit next to. 🙂


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