Naoshima!! #island #art and the many #hills and #dragonflies

First blog post in a long time but never mind.

So this silver week we went to Naoshima for 1 night.

So to get there we caught the rainbow bus!!! Which came with these awesome notebooks!


So cute… Anyway the novelty of the bus wore off and soon we were faced with an hour long drive in a cramped multi coloured bus never mind.

Ferry ride was really nice, in comparison to Miyajima’s and at the end there was a music festival to welcome us!


Cool live tunes.

We decided to hire bikes for our trip which wasn’t too bad. ¥300 per day I think is pretty cheap just the deposit charge is huge! (¥3,000) What it doesn’t say about the island is the number of hills there are on it. With my unfitness and illness hanging around me it felt more like a marathon then a nice gentle ride. On top of that oh the dragonflies the swamps and swamps of them. So when you’ve finally made it to the top of the hill in the centre of the island not only do you have to dodge lampposts but the dragonflies too. Overall though it was pretty awesome.

The art there was amazing. But seen as its a contemporary art island once you’ve been in one museum you kind of think you’ve seen them all. So we focused on 2 museums for this trip. The benesse house which is home to lots of art… My favorites were Yukinori Yanagi “the EC flag ant farm” and Bruce Nauman’s “100 live and die”.

The other was chichu art museum which was pretty wicked. James Turrells open sky and open field were my personal favorites.

image image image image image

They are pretty cool!!

After a long day of cycling up hills and dodging dragonflies, we wanted to sit down and have a good meal… unfortunately us being on an island with very limited places to eat in a very busy tourist season meant that there were no places to eat. So instead we went to the only convenience store on the island which was open past 5 o’clock… 7/11!

So next time I’ll book accommodation and restaurant months in advance, and not come in dragonfly season or when I have a cold. 🙂

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