What’s in Midoribashi? #osaka #placestovisit #midoribashi

I live in an area of Osaka called Midoribashi… and I want to tell you why you should visit (or live here too!)

Ok from the subway station, it looks like nothing is here, just a big flyover road and not a lot else. Well you’re part right but there’s some local places which should be visited at least once!


Origin Kitchen

Just outside exit 4 from the subway is one of the best bento shops.You can pick and choose from different dishes from the food bar. They come in small pot, big pot, pot split into 4 and pot split into 6. They display the time the food was prepared so that you know how fresh it is.

There is also selection on battered items and onigiri to pick and choose from and Nabe is also available in winter.

Then as with all bento shops you can buy japanese bentos ready made or freshly prepared.

Price is less than 1000 yen the cheapest meals are about 400 yen.


Tako stand

Outside exit 3 from the subway is a Takoyaki stand which also sells Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba. Again pretty cheap and friendly made fresh in front of you. Pretty popular on Friday and Saturday nights with locals.

Price is about average.


Jerk man

Jerk man as the name suggests serves Jamaican inspires dishes. In the summer they barbecue your food out the front, and sometimes hold live music events. The portion sizes are quite big for the price.


Kokusia Izakaya World

Yes that was a long name that I did have to look up. This building looks pretty impressive from the outside. Attached is a hat shop and a bar (aka Stand).

The man behind the bar… I don’t remember his name! It’s ok, he’s also foreign and also teaches English at a school… and oddly enough I know that his school has a trip to Chester, England (yet no name for the man who personalized my pasta and gave me a nice white wine). And when I say personalized I mean he asked me what I wanted in the pasta, which is nice.

I can’t remember the price range but I think it was ok for the price.

If you can speak Japanese the Stand is pretty popular with locals, spending summer nights talking and getting to know each other.


Ellie’s relaxation bar & cafe

Is a very pretty bar, English menu is available! Although I haven’t seen food served other than bar snacks which are served with your drink, so I guess it’s more of a bar than a cafe. However there is an English menu and although the bar owner doesn’t speak that much English, it’s a great place to try out your rusty Japanese with her and the number of locals that come to the bar too.

Location: It’s on the main road by the river between Midoribashi and Morinomiya.


None food or drink related places,

There’s a lot of gyms nearby.. although I’ve never been to them. One which I think is the most foreigner friendly is Be-fit 24 which is between the 2 lawsons by exit 4 on the subway.


Tokyo Shoes

As the name may suggest a shoe store… not for women’s shoes over 25 cm. But Uni-sex shoes are available, trainers, crocs, converse, vans etc  fairly cheap.


The bike shop I got my bike from.

There’s a few bike shops if you want a new bike there is Aeon bike (10,000 yen), or if you want a cheaper bike (from 4000 yen) then you simply walk towards Morinomiya from the subway on north (right) side of the main road.


A cat cafe

Yes there’s a cat cafe I forgot where exactly but it’s still along the main road towards Morinomiya.


Slightly more outside of Midoribashi

Don Quijote- There’s one of these at Fukaebashi (just walk south from the subway and you can’t miss it.

Chinese restaurant – another place is Fukaebashi is a Chinese restaurant I don’t know the name it’s just a place that my colleague regularly visits because apparently if you want Chinese there’s no place like it.

Q’s Mall Morinomiya –

OK Morinomiya is a great place to visit. There’s the Air track which is essentially the third floor in a shape of a running track with AstroTurf put down. Free to go to and it feels so good to go for a run, if you’re slow no worries there’s a walking track and 2 other tracks to follow so you shouldn’t get stuck behind slow people… like me.

There’s a book cafe store which is on the “second floor” Where you can read books (English and Japanese) and enjoy a stone oven pizza (made fresh).

Kaldi for all your important imported food and coffee.

And lots of cafe’s.


That’s it for now. Please comment if you know other places or have visited these places before.

Thank you!

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