How to onsen

How to use a public bath, a sento, an onsen.


First take off your shoes and put them in a locker.

Shoe locker
Put your shoes away!

Then you need to pay.

Please pay here
Pick a button to pay or you could ask if your stuck. Towels are available too!
Pick which one is for you. You could wait and see who comes out of which room.

When you go inside and realise your in the right one, proceed to the next stage.

Take off all clothing, jewellery, make up. No swimming costumes unless otherwise stated.
Take off all clothing, jewellery, make up. No swimming costumes unless otherwise stated.

I think the only times you may want a swimming costume is at a mixed onsen. By the way if you ever see me here… don’t talk to me. (Be warned all children can come in, height/ age restrictions are on the door so you may have young boys in the girls onsen.)

Check Hair up, Product on the shelf, Cover, SHOWER
Tie up your hair if you can, no one wants a floating hair in their bath. You can bring in bathing products. You can hide yourself using a wash cloth it’s common but don’t let it touch the water. and SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!

If you forget a hair tie wrap your hair tightly and put it in a bun if you can (It’s easier if your hair is wet first but not always). If not just be sure it doesn’t go in the water.

Shower first with only water otherwise everyone may evilly glare at you and may get an old lady throwing water at you. It hasn’t happened but don’t try.

It’s ok if you don’t have a wash cloth to cover yourself with, you won’t be the only one.

There’s always bathing products in the shower but you can bring your own, just set it on the shelf as you go in to the bathroom.

Pick your bath, you can change anytime.

This is just the usual list of baths that are available there maybe more or less. The outside normally has one bath, but it’s possible to have more.

This is the shower.

Firstly wash the stool before and after you’ve used it. You may think I normally stand in the shower so why can’t I here? My answer is sure go ahead. Shower can be very strong so watch out for neighbors.

The products they have at the onsen are usually very good I haven’t had any issues with them… but they do have odd ones like horse.

If you don't know then be a sheep but don't stare at them.
If you’re not sure then follow or ask. But if you follow others don’t stare at them.

It’s ok to follow others in the onsen if your not sure where to go or what to do but either ask for advice or keep your distance.

Don’t forget to get changed before leaving and take everything with you when you leave (including your shoes).

Baby onsens to start off with

Spaworld – go here first and you’ll never go to an onsen again. Includes a swimming pool and English instructions. (Osaka)

K’s house Izu – A Ryokan. So you can stay in this wonder traditional building with an onsen just downstairs. (The onsen is public) has English instructions not that big but there are others in the area. (Izu)

Dogo onsen – Can be crowded, as its a famous landmark. English instructions (at the start) there are other options around.  (Matsuyama)

鶴見緑地湯元水春 – Japanese only, it’s a spa resort. you can unwind in their saunas, play video games, watch TV, and relax in their baths. It’s a great place to go. (Osaka)

Super Public Bath – Has a range of baths inside, one with it’s own TV. Quite popular to bring your kids here. (Ibaraki (City))



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