My weekend at Osaka castle

This weekend is nearly over but I wanted to share what I had done.

I went off to Dotonbori to sit in Starbucks and do a little bit of Japanese studying and pondering what to do with the rest of my day. And decided to head off to the castle!!! 🏯

I went with a friend who’d never been to it before so it was a little odd guiding around someone. We saw the plum blossoms 😊 she didn’t seem impressed but they weren’t all in full bloom.

So as I mentioned my friend had never been before so into the castle we went. Osaka castle is just a museum for said castle and costs ¥600 with a good view of Osaka at the top. Like all ancient buildings in Japan they have had to rebuild it. The original was demolished in 1868 around the Meiji restoration. This replica was built in 1997. So it has a very modern interior and is accessible to all. Originally created by Hideyoshi who was known as the man who unified Japan… and tried to take over the Korean Peninsula *cough*.

Anyway we were kicked out of the castle at 5 o’clock. And on the way back to Morinomiya I saw they had built a Starbucks a bakery and a drop your child off here and run centre where previously it was all open park land. 😭 they destroyed my park for tourism. Nooooo!!!!!!


I had a hair dresser appointment on Saturday so I asked my students for some haircut advice. The popular vote was for my hair to stay long so they could still make me look like Elsa. One looked through my hair and pulled out 3 of them that could be cut.

So armed with my new hair style in mind I was off to the hair dresser. I was thinking short, fun, young looking and… spunky?

I was videoed having my hair cut because why not. As the guy cuts my hair he positions strands so it looks good. And says he’s finished… So now whenever I move I need to reposition my hair so it looks like it has more volume in it?

Anyway they took a lot of photos of me and I decided to look up these photos and videos to find that 3 videos of me having a haircut exist on the web and no finished photo. 😞 I’m sure my hair is just as good.

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