Tokyo town! Akihabara!

Akihabara the place for anime, electronics and gaming nerds. Different from the kanji’s meaning 秋葉原 ‘autumn’ ‘leaf’ ‘field’. Also known as Akiba after a local shrine. So what can I do? What can I see? Where do I go?

Yodobashi camera

Yodobashi camera is one of the biggest electronics stores in Japan. Good for all the family. Whether its cameras or beauty products or hobbies crafts and games that you’re after you will find it in there.

You have to buy the items on the same floor you found them.

At the top of the electronics store you will find a selection of fashion stores and at the very top are restaurants. This is the same for other Yodobashi camera stores around Japan.

It’s easy to find from Akihabara train station. Outside you will see a mixture of different food outlets if you need a quick snack.

That’s great but I wanted anime and card gaming stuff!

K books Akihabara

Big selection of anime and cards. I’m not going to lie I don’t know much about it but I’m sure if you are looking for something in particular you could start off here.

There is an event space on the top floor and the one below is a place to play card games. By my limited knowledge some tables were kitted out for Yu-gi-oh!


For the arcade games there are plenty of different arcades/ game centers I put Sega down as there are a few in the area. Whether it’s racing games, music based games or medal slots you will be able to find a game to play for you. P.s I did win a toy in the UFO / claw machine but limit yourself to how much you want to spend.

Exploring is the best thing you could do in this area. There are cheaper places to shop but if you’re looking for anything in particular it’s probably best to start here.

There is more to explore like maid cafes and shrines. If you want to see that side of Japan then go for it.

Maid cafes

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