Day out in Tokyo: Nezu Shrine and Ueno

Having a small budget I tried to keep my transport costs to a minimum so I looked for areas in close proximity to each other. The places I chose were Nezu and Ueno.

Nezu Shrine- The Tori gate path

Nezu Shrine is a small Shinto shrine and is free to wonder around.

There is a garden which you need to pay 200 yen to go in. Mainly to see their blooming Azaleas. The best time to come is in Spring time. When I went it was relatively busy. There are a few local stores outside the shrine too.

It’s about 10 minute walk from Nezu subway station or 20 minutes from Ueno Station.

And about 10 minutes walk from…

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo
The oldest Zoo in Japan. Has a large variety of animals with English displays. As Zoo’s in Japan go it’s not the best zoo I’ve been to but it isn’t the worst.

It is famous for holding a panda family. If you want to see the panda’s you have to line up for them. It’s better if you have small children or you are in a wheel chair as your view will be slightly closer than others. Be aware that the panda enclosure does have a closing time. When I was there it was 4:00 that means you have to be in the queue by that time. Other animals are put to bed around this time so plan which animals you really want to see. Click here for the full list of animals and location.

There is a range of different cafes spread out across the Zoo and some souvenir shops.

The Zoo is spread across a road so for this you have 2 options you could walk across the bridge or pay for the hanging monorail. If your feet are tired than go for the monorail but it’s honestly quicker to walk.

The Zoo is closed on Mondays unless its a holiday; costs 600yen per adult 200 yen for teens and free for under 12! You’d probably spend about 2 or 3 hours here.

Ueno Park

Really big park to explore. There are 3 shrines in the area. A pond where you can rent out a pedalo. There are 6 museums to visit too.

Have fun!

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