Golden week, and how to survive it!

OK everyone travels in Golden Week it’s the only week off where all the tourist attractions are open and you’re not expected to see your family… right?

Living in Japan others and I know how much of a disaster traveling in Golden Week can be mainly because everywhere is fully booked or too full etc… But here’s some good points to make your suffering easier.

When you get to the train station but you aren’t sure where to go next.
You won’t get lost.

You will get to see shrines, temples, countryside and shopping arcades. But don’t rely on ferries.

The unexpected beach holiday when we were trying to get to an island off Wakayama, but couldn’t because the ferries were all reserved.

At least you’ll still take that awesome photo…

Maybe with a few extras….

Don’t forget that Instagram selfie!

How to get that perfect Instagram selfie in Arashiyama!

No matter what happens go and have fun!

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