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Merry Christmas!!! the #dinner, the #poor, the #lonely and the #downtoearth….ish

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! The tree was up the lights were on and El was singing, that's right it's CHRISTMAS! To start off our day we made pancakes for breakfast, they were tasty 🙂 Then despite my last cooking disaster we had managed to cook a good Christmas diner. OK the chicken was pre-cooked and had …

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How to cook in Japan… (Rachel’s style) #cancook really

So from what I've learnt about the Japanese household is that it's all very much like the 1950's. So typically as a female I would be able to cook... so I'm going to go through my list of appliances... obviously not going to delve to deeply into my utensils or my fridge, but basically there's a ladle, …

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Visiting Miyajima Island #Japan #deersthatbite #massivespoons

On Saturday we visited the wonderful Miyajima Island, with it's wonderful deers, oysters marvellous shines and temples. How sweet, innocent and small they are and they've had their antlers taken off. Looks can be deceiving, they will steal food and bite. I lie most of them really are friendly. Best souvenir ever!!! They have loads of spoons everywhere …

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