#Shenzhen a #beach and a #mountain and a lot of stairs to climb

So it was Labour day on the1st of May which meant one thing 3 days off wooo!!!!

Ben, Meileen, Sharon, Laura and I went to Shenzhen and were met by quite a few other interns from around the area.

First stop of course had to be the beach we got there at night because we didn’t know how to get there, and Ben had a little fiasco over his bag being trapped in the taxi door, which means they missed the bus that myself and Meileen caught, which then got stuck in bad traffic and I didn’t see the sun set because the bus was stuck in a tunnel in traffic.

So this is what we saw when we got there:



And this is what I did:



Yes I made a sand castle, the best one ever!

We did come back during the day… and I went swimming. It was a little embarrassing at first because

1. None of the Chinese girls were getting in the sea.

2. Chinese swimsuits are different. They are more like dresses so no pant like bottoms, and no bikinis either.

3. I was the only tall blond female in western styled swimsuit.

So with a lot of people staring at me anyway I decided to pull of my dress and run to the sea so they wouldn’t be able to get there cameras out to take photos. Ha ha suckers.

O yes and the beach where we were wasn’t busy there were lots of space… So why did a family insist on cosying up next to us?

The second day we hiked up a mountain… (or climbed a lot of stairs)






It was a pretty good trip, and I was sad to leave. On to the next holiday Dragon Boat festival 🙂

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