On the train #back to #Beijing

OK we can’t deny that we were sent to Changchun to do 4 1/2 months placement in schools, so we are back in Beijing. Yay… it’s busier and smoggier then before and with uncertainty hanging over our heads, we feel as though we won’t believe that we have another placement until we have been teaching for a month at a real school with real children, (not bored looking adults) and no job offers after the first lesson. I think we are heading to Guangdong tomorrow?

OK so lets review the time in Changchun:

I met a turtle though my friend Benji.


(Who also had a really cute cat, however I did find myself still pulling cat hairs off my jumper the following week,)

I have a teacher ‘friend’ called Robin. I’m pretty sure something got lost in translation through this text message:

‘We can play or have coffee inside of the room! You can tell me where you are if you’re sure the place where we can entertain or play.’

… I don’t like questioning English teachers English I guess they do follow the textbook, he did like using the ! a lot. (There were a number of messages like this.)

Went to a massive park with Ben.Image

(No that’s not a field it is a lake and yes people do walk across it). The parks were pretty epic with some really nice bridges.

I found out where abouts Ben lived whilst in Changchun.. the day before we left better late then never.

Tried some interesting cuisine. I would elaborate on this point but I feel it may need a new post.

Children clapped at me when I said I didn’t speak any Chinese. I think they were congratulating me for being able to live for so long.

Didn’t have to take my suitcase all the way back down the stairs (Thanks to my psychotic driver for getting it up there in the first place) But thanks to Rice who carried it down the 7 flights of stairs and up the 6 flights of stairs when we got to Beijing. (Note to self don’t use the subway to move my suitcase around Beijing!)

Found out they do have Take me Out in China!

Happy days, anyway thank you to:

Kara, Maggie, Benji, Max, Lorcan (who I don’t thank for leaving me in the flat by myself) Jayne (bless her I cried down the phone to her a few too many times) Ben for being there, Robin (he was a demanding short gay sounding man) and Graham… and other people I may have forgotten their names or mention.

Anyway off to the next Chinese City!


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